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    四川美術學院外國留學生校外住宿須知 Provisions of International Students Living off-campus
    2018年11月13日 23:52  點擊:[]


    1.入學一年以上,希望在校外住宿的外國留學生, 應事先告知留學生辦公室并得到同意。

    2.填寫《外國留學生校外住宿登記表》一式兩份, 并提交以下材料:

       a. 校外租房者提交《房屋租賃合同》、





    4.校外住宿留學生如欲變更住址,需按以上規定重新辦理手續, 并于24 小時內到所屬派出所備案.


    6. 校外住宿的外國留學生如聯系方式變動,須及時告知國際交流與合作處管理教師,以便保持聯系。










    Provisions of International Students Living off-campus

    1.  International students who have already studied for a year and want to live off-campus must inform and get approval from International Communication & Cooperation Office in advance.

    2.  The international students must fill out “Form of International Students Living Off-campus” in duplicate with the following documents.

    3. Submit a "Lease Contract", the relevant documents which register in the local police station, the lesser (owner) of the house property certificate or the photocopy of house purchasing and homeowner’s ID.

    3.  Students are required to bring these documents to the local police station for accommodation registration within 5 days.

    4.  The students who live off campus if change their addresses must redo all the procedure as #2 and #3 mentioned, and do registration at the local police station within 24 hours.

    5.  International students who live off- campus should abide by the Chinese laws and regulations, respect Chinese customs and social ethics, and to enhance their safety awareness. Those who violate the Chinese law, the public security departments will be dealt with according to law.

    6.  International students who live off-campus change their addresses or contact information must inform the International Communication & Cooperation Office in time in order that the relevant officers can contact with.



     International Communication & Cooperation Office

                                                               March 2009